The book “Savage Beauty” studies the 19-year career and iconic designs of the late Alexander McQueen, one of the most influential designers of our time, with additional word from Sarah Burton, the new creative director of the brand.  Recently, Burton was reported going to Kate Middleton’s pre-wedding hotel.  Word on the street is that the future princess will be sporting a vintage McQueen dress.  We soon shall see!  

The book will hit shelves on May 31st.  The Costume Institute will exhibit approximately 100 of McQueen’s designs at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York from May 4th to July 13, 2011.

Galleries will showcase recurring themes and concepts in McQueen’s work. “The Romantic Mind” will examine his technical ingenuity, which combined the precision of tailoring and patternmaking with the spontaneity of draping and dressmaking. “Romantic Gothic” will highlight McQueen’s historicism, particularly his engagement with the Victorian Gothic and opposites such as life and death, darkness and light. “Romantic Nationalism” will look at McQueen’s patriotic impulses, including his reflections on his Scottish heritage, his narrative approach to fashion, and his fascination with British history. “Romantic Exoticism” will explore influences from other cultures on the designer’s imagination, especially China and Japan. “Romantic Primitivism” will capture McQueen’s engagement with the ideal of the “noble savage,” while “Romantic Naturalism” will consider his enduring interest in the forms and raw materials of nature.    -The Met Press Release